Eat Defeat - Time & Tide

Eat Defeat - Time & Tide

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Tide and Times' is a 6 Track CD. 6 tracks of melodic punk/pop punk bangers.

Eat Defeat are 4 guys from Leeds, UK, blending a shared love of pop music, fast skate punk and upbeat pop punk to create high energy melodic songs.

The band formed in 2010 as a continuation of then defunct UK Skacore band Kickback UK, however over time lost the various ska influences and instead became more enamoured by the newer wave of melodic punk bands. Having come together from various UK DIY punk scenes, the band has spent the past 5+ years hard at work touring up and down the UK and across mainland Europe to firmly establish themselves as a solid and exciting live band.

1. DIYTanic
2. Shortcuts
3. Don't Look Back
4. Make Or Break
5. The North Remembers
6. Dead And Gone