Dowzer - So Much for Silver Linings

Dowzer - So Much for Silver Linings

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Dowzer's first full length LP since 2014's Bummercamp in collaboration with Umlaut Records (UK), Shield Recordings (NL), Waterslide Records (JP) and Trilob Records (NL). 10 tracks of pure gold available on CD, LP and cassette.

In their ten years of existence Dowzer has created their own blend of punkrock which pops with melody and vocal harmonies, but also bursts with power and versatility to keep you on the edge of your seat.

1. Scenes are for Sinners
2. Hindsight Bias Blues
3. Broken Record
4. No One Knows
5. Making Waves
6. On the Beat of Repentance
7. Scars
8. Back-up Plan
9. A Swing and a Miss
10. Glimpses

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