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Twice a day?

I have 2 journeys. So, at the mo that's been 2 blogs per day.  Is this overkill? Is this like, binge blogging? I'm new to the world of blogging.  I've allowed it to gently pass overhead with other things such as "the news", virtual reality and fashion. Yes,  these are conscious decisions to ignore these rather all encompassing digests.

"The news" was binned years ago.  I read the metro on the way to work.  Barely awake at 6 am and I was being stabbed in the eye with lots and lots of reactionary tidbits to make me subconsciously emote. And emote I did, though not subconsciously.  I'd get angry at all the trivial drivel I was being fed. I partook in heated debates about things that i knew fuck all about from a minute single-minded viewpoint. I thought it was mine.  I thought it was real. Regurgitating tidbits of someone else's standing; dry-heaving masticated newspaper cuttings!  News for the sake of news was driving me insane.  These journo's all need paying no matter what words they write, right? News is important.  I no longer want to spend my life sifting through someone's bad day at the office to determine who I like and hate on any given day. 

NOFX;  as we're on the evening playlist.  I'm quite warm even though I'm wearing shorts as it's the first real day of sun that I can remember since mid 2017. I've still got my winter jacket on though;  I'm not that brave/stupid! Flatliners - Liver Alone now. This band saved me from a horrible period following the death of my father-in-law. Poignant in my saviour; Chris Cresswell rasply talked me though some very deep thoughts and emotions. Cheers Chris. 

Virtual reality is a rather sad engagement for me. Having secured a sold out pre-order of PlayStation's PSVR, I proceeded to get overly giddy at the thought that the future was at arms length.  Nothing could've prepared me for the sheer joy and ultimate dismay at discovering the actual 21st century and finding out that we are incompatible. I played headmaster for about 3 hours solid.  A simple football game that transports you to a footy pitch within a prison complex. You head the balls that are fired at you at various targets and amusing carnivalesque game stalls.  Amazing.  I was not at home anymore.  I was not even human as I couldn't see my flailing body.  I was floating consciousness. I was a manifestation of fun. Amazing. Launch day games (bad demos) were lacklustre bar a few.  Yet,  for some reason, because PSVR, everything was awesome.  Better than I'd seen before.  I bought 100ft robot golf and downloaded the demo of Rigs. Rigs = the coolest idea for a game since Gladiators on ITV was first aired.  This is where things went south...

Alkaline trio marks the end of this journey. 

Have a lovely weekend and I'll pick it up on Monday with bonus pictures of my homemade cupboards (hehehe he said bonus)



Ah hindsight...

Ah hindsight...