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 ...Morning.  Morning playlist. Frank Sinatra is doing it his way and I'm thinking "Yeah Frank.  Do it your way mate."; he feels pretty passionate about it. You see, I've had sleep.  I feel pretty passionate about that too. You know when you've had a good night's sleep, and recently that hasn't happened.  Why was last night so good I hear murmured around the web? There was only one person in the bed.  Only one person to annoy me and that person was on his best behaviour and also fast asleep. All night.  I woke up before my alarm. I didn't regret the alarm for once.  I know it's Friday and there could be other factors at play.  I did fuck all last night.  Went out for a non veggy kebab.  I was veggy for a month.  It was great but I feel I wasn't doing it properly.  I'm not sure if it was the lack of meat nutrients in my bod that I hasn't replaced properly with veg alternatives? I felt weird.  Bad weird.  I don't want to be veggy. (Rocky Raccoon - Beatles. What a track.  The Beatles had a knack for writing any kind of song.  Having watched the 8 days a week documentary recently i bet it would've been a great band to be in.  The writing process looked like so much fun. Not that I'm complaining about Müg writing sessions. I can't think of anything better, but that's another story... and if we ever have another one I'll tell it to ya!) I want to eat healthily. I don't want chicken with breast implants,  crowded chicken or chicken in a cupboard! I want a hippy chick; peace and love and and all that. So local farm meat a couple of nights a week and a load of vegetables.  Veg curries are the way forward.  I got lucky one evening (ahhh Charly Bliss. Check em.  My mate Charlie said I'd like em.  They're not for everyone.  They're definitely for me though!) and didn't make a mess of it for once.  One of the best meals ever (overexaggeration). Was nice though. 

So Friday,  what do you have in store for us today? Well, in terms of umlaut,  you can now pre order the new dynamite dynamite CD Fangs from our webstore and also the new Eat Dirt., Welcome to Shithouse-on-sea. Both CD's are blinding; I do hope you at the very least check them out. (If you have something you'd like me to plug; send it my way. Doesn't have to be related to anything i do.  If i like it,  it'll go in. Somewhere. Maybe!)

Friday, Friday, Friday.  Fridays are a funny thing.  So many people relish Friday. I've known people that have had an ugly love for Friday 5.30. As it approaches they turn in to a different being.  A sort of Smeegalesque creature lurking in the shadows of the coat rack, anticipating the snap that is WEEKEND MODE. Fortunately,  I'm not one of those people. Unlike Garfield, I like Mondays. I like Tuesdays. I don't actually have a favourite day. Days are mainly a blur to me recently.  I definitely do too much and it's probably just too much fucking about, procrastinating. I may have already said,  I hope to pack that in.  I need to.  (Ben Kweller; his first album is one of my all time favourites.  He used to be in a pop punk band called Radish in the early nineties. He's a great songwriter and every song on Sha Sha is brilliant and enjoyable.  I like an enjoyable song.  It's not the same as a good song.  It's more wholesome; you can physically feel it. Hahaha I talk a load of bollocks!)

The morning playlist,  as I said is like a continuation of sleep and although I've had my Recommended Daily Allowance I still love the way Pink Floyd Is stroking my soul in it's purring pussy-cat wake-nap manner. Lovely. My stop is rapidly approaching and I've said all I'm going to say.  Let me know what you think of Dynamite Dynamite and Eat Dirt. 




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Overuse of words