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Overuse of words

Overuse of words

Evening playlist again.  Prodigy.  I'm very tired.  I did the usual head-jolting "YEAHI'MAWAKE!" thang at work.  I sit next to my boss.  He hasn't mentioned that he knows i fall asleep yet.  Ooh the suspense!

So if anyone is reading this,  you may or may not know who I am? A question I have asked myself recently.  My answer was not awe inspiring. My answer was I don't actually know anymore.  I think it's a good thing that I took the time to have a production meeting with myself.  This was before my health (mental and physical) took a break from looking after me. Maybe that was the reason for their absence? I'm not getting many answers from anywhere lately and I've figured that that is a great thing.  I've aged since being a baby; aged but still a baby. I've always wanted to do my own thing. Wanted to do loads of things.  (Rocco Lampones - S.O.S. Get on it.  One of my faves any time of day.) Too many things to do and only one immature, aloof babyman to do them.  I do plenty but nothing actually feels like I accomplish anything. I know I'm not the only one. So how do we tackle this?

I've started writing a blog.  I don't know if you noticed? I get on the train for an hour and a bit each morning and evening. I have chosen YOU to be my ear of bending; my pillow of least resistance; my pad of recycled usefulness (I could go on for hours labelling you). For this, my unsuspecting friend, I am grateful. I'm going to write until I have figured out what the fuck I'm going to do with my life. 

So I spoke to my friend Hulbertasaurus, who inspired me to put more fingers in the umlaut pie. His drive and get-done attitude is somewhat soul destroying for a babyman such as myself. Yet his surgical prowess in arse finger extraction is much to my wellbeing.  The last few days at work have been a blessing as it's been almost silent in the work department.  Brillo. The press releases for Dynamite Dynamite are a done thing and Eat Dirt.'s one is coming along nicely.  I was listening to Sarah and Mark of Mark Bell Illustration fame's podcast for Shout Louder whilst fucking about with the website and making this blog thing at least half noticeable. No one likes to feel like leper limb, so Hulbertasaurus, i tip my paleontologists hat to you. 

Brandenburg Gate - Anti Flag feat. Tim Armstrong.  Love it.  And that is where I'm leaving you today.  

My name is Mat. I'm 37. I'm a printer and a wannabe designer.  I've got a lovely wife and an amazing daughter.  A house with a plastic garden. 2 gerbils and a lot of cupboard building to do. 






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