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Cracking tune by Twin Dracula.  Great band,  Nice guys. Don't know what they're doing anymore? I may be wrong but I think it's along the lines of marriage and honeymoons plus no drummer syndrome. 

Anyhoo... running for train sucks a hairy. Late darts night coupled with trying to ignore the elephant in the room.  I jest. The wife is 38 weeks this week but looks like she's pushing 60. Try sleeping when 2 people other than yourself are tossing and turning in the night! Impossible. I'm so excited for this kid.  The last one had me full of dread (No Connor,  that doesn't mean I was off my tits! Ha, like Connor is gonna read this! Check out his bands Cereal Box Heroes and Skiv though. Tunes galore and the silliest bollocks ever heard in a microphone.  I've been playing gigs with this kid for years now. Feels like he started his first band at childbirth!). 5 years it took me to feel like myself again! Yet here I am again,  about to get boofy-brained for the sake of furthering the human race.  I'm still unsure as to why we do it? The state we have made of this place surely leads to outlawing childbirth?

Anyhoo... Aquabats! I'm the kinda guy that likes what he likes until he's shown otherwise by Mark Bell of Mark Bell Illustration fame. So as I'm talking about my best mate, who as it happens,  moved half way up the fucking country to get away from me! Millencolin come on and for years i said that they were just Pennyridge Pioneers and that was it (barring a few songs on extreme sports game soundtracks). He abused my ears for years until I caved and went to one of their shows at the electric ballroom, Camden. Every song.  Every note. Bang on. Played with such geeky Scandinavian sass. Forever I was changed. 

Propagandhi. I could've sworn I put my morning playlist on?  My mornings musings would be so different,  haha! We'll get to the morning playlist.  It's great. Not the best.  But that's cos I'm lazy. What I like about it is that it feels like a continuation of sleep. When you don't get enough zeds, which is a very regular occurrence,  the more periods of 'could be sleep' are essential for daily functioning.  I think that's why I've been so rubbish of late.  Not enough 'could be sleep'! Whilst the wife is being uber-preggers I've been trying my hand at superdad/ the incredible husband (HA! Totally want that t-shirt). It's hard.  I don't know how you mothers out there do that multitasking,  empathy combo.  I fully attest that there is only so much man (So much Mat!). I'm sure there are many men (many many men) out there that are seasoned pros at washing, cooking, pulling teeth, hoovering, building built-in-wardrobes with custom drawers for a woman's endless amount of shit,  etc. I happen to struggle at doing all these tasks at once. All this brings us neatly back to lack of sleep.  There aren't enough hours in the day.  I don't know who was in charge of that? They totally fucked up. Just cos it gets dark,  doesn't mean we have to finish there does it? Turn the bloody light on mate... crack on. 

So running for the train sucks a hairy.  Not as much as having to run to three shops and back at 9 in the evening cos your loving wife forgot to bring her hayfever tablets; whilst everyone waits at the oche for you (I play darts on a Wednesday/I throw shit at a wall on a Tuesday and Wednesday). Sweaty back, unfit heart, clogged up phlegmy lungs... steady arm and throw! 1! 5! 20! "Fuck sake!" Pant, pant,  thump, thump,  wheeeeeeze! Still, I was the only one to win all my games last night. So, yeah!

So,  this evening I plan to talk about some exciting upcoming events among other things. Life is exciting at the moment.  Let me fill you in. 

My stop is up next

don't call me Rich,  don't call me George, just call me Cheese that's who I am. 




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